5 Reasons Why Sun Cities Financial Group is the Trusted Choice for Conservative Investing

You know that the savings that you have accumulated over the years should be carefully invested in order to receive the highest yields. Choosing the best financial company that is dedicated to following through on your best interests instead of just trying to earn a quick profit from one client and move on to the […]

What is a CD?

You’ve likely heard the term CD thrown around, and at first you likely assumed someone was talking about compact discs, until you heard it in the context of banking or finances. If you’re new to investing chances are you don’t know what a CD really is or how it works, which is nothing for which […]

Friendly Service

“Brokers are also offering FDIC Insured CDs with yields that exceed the average yield on CDs purchased directly from banks.” – Wall Street Journal. Find out more about Sun Cities Financial Group and our Friendly Service Today!

Highest CD Rates

“Brokerage firms can offer higher yields because they negotiate directly with financial institutions whose CDs they sell, often agreeing to take millions of dollars of certificates.” – Wall Street Journal. Read more about Sun Cities Financial Group’s CD Rates Today!

Guaranteed Income for Life

“Investors still ought to consider brokerage CDs. For one thing, brokerage offered CDs yield 1 to 1.5 percentage points more than CDs from leading banks.” – Worth Magazine. Read Testimonials From Satisfied Clients Today!