bbb-logo-1Sun Cities has achieved the highest ratings with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited business.

“Sun Cities helped me get higher interest on my CD. I look forward to coming back when it is mature.” G. Callahan- Oak Brook, IL

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“I am absolutely delighted with your service. It is refreshing to work with a company that is truly interested in their client’s needs.” T. Jaworski- Oak Brook, IL

“I was skeptical at first, I had never worked with a CD broker before. After meeting with (my representative) I felt much more comfortable. I opened my first account over a year ago and am happy I made the decision to work with Sun Cities.” V. Gupta- Oak Brook, IL

“I come here because I feel comfortable, I have been doing business now for 2 years and every time I have a question you take the time to explain. I come to Sun Cities Financial Group because I am not rushed I feel comfortable doing business with you.” Michael C.- Houston, TX

“I feel that the customer service received from Sun Cities Financial group was great in answering all of my questions and attending to my deposit/investment needs. I would refer their company to anyone seeking a reasonable return on their money without any risk to their principal.” Robert S.- Orange, CA

“My wife and I have been doing business with Sun Cities Financial Group for over 3 years and we feel that the people there have always been very helpful in finding us great returns while also staying conservative. The representatives that have worked with us gave us the confidence to deposit our money with their institutions. And they do a great job in answering all of our questions promptly and with kindness. We are thankful to have found them to work with and we have referred friends to Sun Cities Financial Group since.” Anthony S.- Orange, CA

“I visited with Sun Cities Financial Group and was very happy with all their financial information regarding the accounts they had available. I was shown the CD advertised in the Review Journal Newspaper and also a fixed indexed annuity. I choose the annuity because of all the features and the benefits. I was very happy with the agent. I have recommended this company to my friends.”
James J. –Las Vegas, NV

“I came to Sun Cities Financial Group with a CD ad that was offered in the Review Journal Newspaper. The agent was extremely helpful with all the financial information regarding the CD. I was also shown a fixed indexed annuity. I like the features on both accounts but decided to invest my money in the annuity. I would recommend this company to anyone.” James B.- Las Vegas, NV

“I have worked with Sun Cities Financial Group for the last 2 years. I am very pleased with their products and services.” Don L.-Plano, TX

“When we visited Sun Cities Financial Group for the first time we met with Evan. He was very friendly and professional. Evan directed us so we could start earning a higher interest rate. We recommend Sun Cities Financial Group to all of our friends and family.” Joyce & Gerald L. Carlsbad Ca

“We have been doing business with Sun Cities Financial Group in the San Diego office since 2008. Sun Cities Financial Group does all the leg work for us by shopping the entire country for the highest yields. They are very honest and patient with us in answering all of our questions.” Richard & Ann L. San Diego Ca

“We started with SCFG in 2000 and have had several investments with this company. We have been pleased with investment options and Great service.” Don & Nancy B-Sun City, AZ

“Sun Cities Financial Group has been our place for investment since 2003. We can always count on them to find us better interest rates than my local banks.” Ottilie & Oliver R- Sun City, AZ

“I have been a satisfied customer of Sun Cities Financial Group since 2001 and have also referred friends to this company several times.” Michael M.-Sun City, AZ

“Brokers are also offering FDIC Insured CD’s with yields that exceed the average yield on CDs purchased directly from banks.” – Wall Street Journal

Brokerage firms can offer higher yields because they negotiate directly with financial institutions whose CD’s they sell, often agreeing to take millions of dollars of certificates.” August 24th 1994 – Wall Street Journal

“Investors still ought to consider brokerage CDs. For one thing, brokerage offered CDs yield 1 to 1.5 percentage points more than CDs from leading banks.” November 1994 – Worth Magazine

“I was surprised by how thorough and helpful my agent was. He not only helped me with good planning but was there to help when needed most.” Savina M- Phoenix

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