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Types of Annuity with Sun Cities Financial Group

As a dependable financial services provider, Sun Cities Financial Group helps clients guarantee lifelong income with annuity in Phoenix, AZ. Our team is here to help you prepare for retirement and understand what type of annuity is best for you. We’ll help you make informed decisions toward improving your retirement plan. Planning for a financially stable future is essential for individuals seeking long-term security. Annuity is one investment option that can provide a steady income during retirement. Explore the benefits and considerations of annuity and how Sun Cities Financial Group can help you secure your future.

Annuity in Phoenix, AZ

What is an Annuity?

Annuity is an excellent option for individuals looking to retire, but is it right for you? Before making this decision, we need to understand the basics. An annuity is a contract that provides guaranteed income during retirement. When appropriately utilized, annuities ensure that your retirement income will never be subjected to longevity or stock market volatility. Having an plan in place helps protect against risks and uncertainties. Sun Cities Financial Group offers a variety of annuity options tailored to individual needs and financial goals. We’ll help you gain a well-rounded understanding of the pros and cons of annuities.

Reliable Retirement Income

One of the best ways to guarantee a steady and reliable income during retirement is by having a plan in place to safeguard your future financial security. A reliable retirement income should generally be around 75% to 85% of the pre-tax income earned in your last working year. Because they are income-producing assets, annuities are one of the safest options. The monthly revenue they provide can help support other sources of income. This reliable source of income can help you maintain a balanced budget during retirement, providing financial security and peace of mind. Sun Cities Financial Group can help you choose an annuity plan that aligns with your income requirements and retirement goals.

Tax Advantages

Annuities are tax-deferred savings and investment growth, offering a range of lifetime benefits. Annuity payments are considered taxable income. They are subject to ordinary federal tax rates rather than long-term capital gains. With an annuity, gain or interest can grow without taxation. You will only have to pay taxes on your investment growth once you withdraw, and the withdrawal is taxed as ordinary income. This way, your money can grow without yearly tax, and the taxes you pay after retirement are typically at a lower rate. You can customize an annuity to meet your needs while protecting your income from creditors and uncertain situations.

Flexibility and Customization

When properly utilized, annuities can play a role in estate planning, allowing you to designate beneficiaries and pass on wealth to your loved ones. An annuity is a type of safe money investment to cover expenses that offers contract guarantees on your income, including interest rates, benefits, and protection from stock market fluctuation. Annuities are customizable with optional add-on features, including living benefits and death benefits. These contract add-ons address concerns about risks, medical requirements, and heirs. Sun Cities Financial Group can help you incorporate annuities into your estate planning strategy, ensuring a smooth transition of assets to future generations.

Estate Planning
and Legacy

Annuities provide a pension-like income with a long-term contract commitment of 4-12 years. They offer several estate components alongside income protection. If the retired individual faces a major illness or needs access to long-term care, the annuity can also create extra liquidity, income, and tax protections. Although the interest rate is lower than other investment options, they are not subject to market fluctuation or longevity and provide a secure, reliable, and substantial income. Our financial experts can help you understand the complexities of annuity products, make informed decisions, and select the best options for your financial goals.

Exceptional Customer Service

Sun Cities Financial Group is committed to exceptional customer service and ongoing support. Our financial representatives will help ensure that your income in retirement is always there. We’ll help you navigate the different types of annuities and determine which option works best for you. Not all annuities are the same. That’s why we’re here to help you understand how to secure guaranteed income. We prioritize client satisfaction by offering personalized attention, reviewing plans, and addressing your questions and concerns. We’ll review the options available to you and help you choose the most beneficial source of reliable income for your needs and goals.

Sun Cities Financial Group in Phoenix, AZ, is a trusted partner for securing your financial future. We’ll help you navigate the world of annuities with professional expertise, personalized guidance, and exceptional customer service. Our financial advisors provide outstanding financial services using proven investment strategies. An annuity is a valuable tool for retirement planning, providing reliable retirement income, tax advantages, and customization options. Contact us to explore the benefits of annuity and plan for a secure financial future.

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