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Invest Safely with Certificates of Deposit

Certificates of deposit (CDs) are one of the safest methods of investment available. The experienced financial planning professionals at Sun Cities Financial Group are here to help individuals and families in the Phoenix, AZ area invest safely with certificates of deposit. They’re a good investment because they’re protected by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), within limits. You’ll also receive a fixed rate of interest over a set time. Stated plainly, you collect interest over time for keeping a deposit in the bank over a specified time. This is an easy investment; all you have to do is set it and forget it. You’ll also earn compound interest with CDs by collecting it on your principal, future interest on that principal, and interest you’ve previously earned. Sun Cities Financial Group welcomes you to come into one of our locations to discuss investing in CDs.

How Certificates of Deposit Work

The annual percentage yield (APY) is the rate you earn annually when accounting for compounding interest. The APY is calculated based on how many months you hold that certificate. If this seems confusing, don’t worry. Let’s say you make a $10,000 deposit with an APY of 2%. You’ll get $50 in interest for the first three months, $100 for six months, and $200 for 12 months. The longer your money stays in the bank (“the term”), the higher your interest payments get. There are penalty charges for withdrawing before the end of the term, consuming your interest and possibly part of your initial deposit. With CDs, the longer your money stays in the bank, the better.


CD Deposits: What You Need to Know

CDs are available through deposit brokers, credit unions, and banks, where you supply an array of personal information and choose a term for your CD. There are CDs available online through some banks, and you just need to call somebody at the bank if you have questions. There’s a variety of options for CDs. You can find better return rates, different penalties for early withdrawal, etc., depending on the length of the term. You’ll be able to decide between monthly or annual interest payments for most CDs, and many people choose to reinvest their compounding interest back into the CD. Once your account is set up, making a deposit is clear and straightforward. The financial professionals at Sun Cities Financial Group are here to assist you in understanding and setting up your certificate of deposit.

Guaranteed Fixed Index Annuities at Sun Cities Financial Group

What is a Brokered CD?

Brokered CDs are through deposit brokers, who will sometimes offer investors higher rates than a traditional bank or credit union. Banks who do business with brokers must have a high financial stability level. If a bank has a high demand for loans and wishes to increase incoming deposits, or they’re trying to expand their customer base, they will work with brokers. Brokers can afford higher rates because of the volume of deposits. In other words, the higher the deposit, the higher the rates. Banks also save on overhead costs when they expand their customer base, so it’s less expensive for brokers to offer higher rates than to open new branches.

Why You Should Invest in CD Deposits

With so many different investment opportunities on the market, it can be difficult deciding which ones are best for you. The best place you can put your money is somewhere where it earns interest. A CD is FDIC-insured for peace of mind and comes with a fixed interest rate and term. CDs are one of the safest investments you can choose, making them a great choice. You also have flexibility when investing in certificates of deposit. You may be able to choose from a fixed-rate CD, variable-rate CD, and adjustable-rate CD. Our financial experts will work with you to determine what’s best for you. CDs also come with different maturity dates, so you can determine how long you are comfortable letting your money grow. Another great benefit of CDs is that they often have low fees or no fees at all.

Contact Us Today to Get Started

When you’re ready to invest in your future, contact the team at Sun Cities Financial Group in Phoenix, AZ. We’re focused on serving the best interests of our clients, with financial services such as CDs and annuities. We take great pride in helping you with retirement planning, and we’ve helped thousands of people just like you obtain the highest yields without risks. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your consultation with our team.

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